I almost forgot how culturally accepting the game of Soccer is.

All ethnicity’s, all ages, and just about anyone  and everyone is brought together for that big game. Knowing this and having had witnessed the pull Soccer has myself, I am definitely privileged to be apart of this movement.

Keeping it real, I never was a real soccer fan. I most definitely was closed minded and stereotyped the heck out of it until around January of 2010. Thats exactly when I became a fanatic of the ever so popular Futbol.

When you have a good announcer commentating for you, the excitement of the game is peaked.  When you have people both for and opposing, all in the same room, joining in cheering and bad mouthing plays, its full of passion just like any other contact/competitive sport.


*Side Note*

The reason I brought this up was because I was at a Pho restaurant the other day picking up my order when the Brazil vs. Spain game just so happen to be on.

I love the international team Brazil due to the amazing players and the awesome plays they so happen to execute. So it was inevitable that I watch the game until my food was ready.

Brazil was already up by 1 and at the time and Pedro (11 Spain) was stupidly wide open to make a goal against Brazil when by complete power and right timing David Luiz (4 Brazil) made and incredible save against the almost goal.

As this action was going on, the Vietnamese Restaurant owner and I both yelled in excitement as we witnessed the save for Brazil. We both laughed together and at the moment I remembered why I loved Soccer so much.

Brazil won, by the way 3-0. Federation Cup Champions  yeah buddy 🙂