Hope, Love, and Reality

Have you ever had that fixation where you wanted to live the actual fairy tales or live the love songs of endless free heartache?

Such fuckery.

A friend via twitter posted “ideal men are so cliche”

Its funny because I do agree that, in a sense where, having that ideal relationship is overrated. Maybe this is me being a cynic but with this society and constant influences that bum bared us on a day to day basis, its hard not to believe in happily ever after.

Relationships and intimacy, both physical and emotional, are addictive. As harmful and intriguing situations get, we still find ourselves so engulfed in love and infatuation. Its a sick addiction really, but we are human.

A long ago love once asked me if what we had was lust. I answered yes, but we were in love for our time. That and I was only 16. It takes time to fall in love, especially if you want a future with this love. Whether its in a few weeks or a couple of hours of being around that one person, love always takes its time.

In turn, as time takes its course decisions are being made. We decide who stays and who goes and who to fuck off. We are entitled to our own opinion and our own opinion is our own. We choose the love we think we deserve. However, what if love doesn’t love you back?

Then what?

I don’t have a solid opinion on this matter because I myself am stuck in this fork in the road. So maybe when I figure a little out, I can put in some insight like the 15 million other people who blog about relationships do.

The thing is, love and romance are awesome stories and past times to tell and fill the wishful thinker full of hope.

Yes, there was hope.

Hope is a seed that has been planted within our DNA and, as people, its in our chemical balance to ignite and grow that hope.

Hope lives on. Hope happens to survive constant happenings, and a new hope is never far behind.

Thats why we can do things we do and act the we act all in the presence of that hope someone will be receptive back.