A Difficult Concept

We all go though some shit. Good, bad, ugly, even amazing.

The reality of it is that everything falls apart and things don’t last forever. Everything and anything around us is temporary.

It’s not like there’s a expiration date or anything, it’s more like we are capable to decide when enough is enough.

We subconsciously know whats right while consciously we know whats wrong. I say that because naturally we are greedy and perfectionists. Some more dominate in those traits then others. We don’t recognize that we subliminally make choices out of redundancy, every single day. This isn’t bad thing necessarily, but choices that are made, aid us to emulate the people we want to be in this particular era that we so happen to be living in.

Of course there’s peer pressure and outside obstacles we have no control over, but ultimately it’s our call. We push the button. We go this direction versus this. We are our own critic. We are of the human design.

The hardest part about being human living life, is moving forward from the wrong.

In my opinion, its the most heart wrenching concept any person can go though. Its difficult, its draining, and it leaves you completely bonkers at times. Even pin pointing the cause of such depression, or in this case I’ll call the wrong, is always vague. We think its one thing, then it turns out its not, and then we assume its this whole other thing that has no relation to the cause of the actual depression to begin with.

So fickle the mind is when processing information under the influence of emotions and ideas. Its so addictive though. The drama, the frustration, the urge to get things done. This causes reactions we conduct out of pure good and bad adrenaline.

As positive as we all try and most come off to be, its freaking hard. You see posts on Twitter or Tumblr with positive notes and sayings that fake happiness portray and its like “Oh that’s what that means” or “That totally sums up how I’m feeling right now.” We choose to associate things we see or that is said to convince our mind to think, “Everything is going to be ok, there are other people who have it worst.”

Like I stated before, its freaking hard. Your mind has your thoughts and ideas set in one direction, but your heart, which personally I believe is all placebos, pulls you back into a ditch for you to climb back out. Which in turn, you placed yourself in.

Awesome right?

So the question I find myself asking every so often is when does it end?

The answer that I came to accept with difficulty is that it doesn’t. There’s no end or stop. There is just the act of moving on.

The Secret always mentions this,

You have the ability to appreciate something in every single circumstance. There is always something to be grateful for.