Hello Rejected.

The words “it’s over” and “goodbye” has never really come off as good phrases both separately and together. Especially towards anything or anyone in existence for that matter. It’s then, in those times confronted with those losing slogans you may find yourself without the ability to control and maintain any and all feelings of positive and specially negative emotions.

Rejection does that to you. It’s one of the most feared physical and emotional experiences known to the living. Its lethal. This losing thrill literally has you by the balls. You are whisked away to unstable emotions, while being physically detrimental and  pretty much standing at the border of psychotic and bipolar. Its hard to understand the effect rejection creates within ourselves and how easily manipulated your actions or the use of specific words can change in an instant. We even consciously choose to shield any kind of unfavorable emotion that attacks our mindset but no matter what, hurt and sad feelings always force their way through when they see fit.

Being the reactive people we all are, of course depends on how much emotional currency was spent to get slapped in the face with the rejection notice. In return for the debt you gain through rejection, the following events and filled voids come in to play. You welcome extreme heartbreak and self loathing who ultimately becomes your friend at this time. You design the feeling of your heart swelling up so bad that its as if its trying to push its way up out your throat, to your liking, while simultaneously crying or feeling the urge surface at every moment you let yourself be thoughtless. Then magically, anger and remorse become buddies and say things like ” I wish things were different” or “Why is this happening to me?” This disease builds unattractive thoughts and ideas to cloud your focus and taint your subconscious, and yet all this information is in fine print as all the leading side effects due to your current relationship with rejection.

When rejection takes control, it tends to make a cynical outlook become the norm and cloud the idea, which a lot of us don’t remember, is when there’s darkness, light is never too far ahead. Trust that it is going to be hard and unbearable, but also trust that this is a good thing. Being rejected is a stepping stone to move forward and yes, move on. Hurt makes you stronger and sadness allows you to appreciate happiness when it visits. I may sound silly seeing the positive side of getting the boot, but how could you move forward if you choose not to see the bright side. I’m still having trouble grasping that idea myself, but in time it will make sense I guess. You are in control and you choose to have your pity party for one.

We don’t like to admit that time and healing go hand in hand. You need to allow time to take its course, and allow the rebuilding of your ego to be mended. Easier said than done, I know. I have hit rock bottom at this present moment myself, which is why I decided to share and remember. I am obviously emphasizing the destructive side of being rejected in a relationship stand point, however I am strong enough to say this is a really ugly experience and by allowing myself to be consumed by its shadowing sadness is ridiculous.