Action Disguised as a Choice

In urban dictionary honest is defined as

what everyone wants you to be, but no one wants to hear

I could use the traditional definition of honest via but I felt urban totally summed it up. This applies to the acting presnt since we aren’t living in the age of our parents anymore but sometimes I think they had it so much easier than how we go about our day to day now. There is an honest days work and an honest mindset, honest just surrounds so much that now, its like we choose to avoid it and walk by it as a second choice.

Honesty is the best policy but it is taken so lightly, which in turn makes decisions and focus a struggle. I do agree, that honesty is definitely a treacherous action and is always mistaken for protecting the good. Such example is in relationships. They thrive with honesty. Its a core trait aside from intimacy, but before you can create a relationship, I suggest, which I am still learning, is being honest with yourself. This is the first step to moving forward with whatever comes your direction. Whether its knowing what it is your doing to where you want to be. To even who you want to journey with you in this little place we call life. Honesty builds the foundation of you and forms your character.

In my opinion and experience its good to be truthful and real, but its also shitty to go on from that realization of what you are confronted with. This is where we meet hurt, depression, anger, and impulse. So being the human beings we are, when confronted negatively, we naturally get defensive. Its nature and its in our genes, consciously and subconsciously.
Bottom line, you are responsible for yourself. You know your needs and aspirations. Other people can take care of themselves, but they are there to aid you on your self detection of you.
Even depending on someone takes risk and and an open mind. You can choose to do and act and you can choose to walk away. You can be influenced. You can be pushed back by truths and lies, but its ultimately on yourself, to move towards the direction of content. To go on. To stay behind. Its the constant mind battle we do everyday in every aspect of our lives. Then cynic within, comes in here and again to remind you that lies and expectations are made based off of an addiction to having hope on a pedestal that is full of shit.
Now we are introduced to “benefit of the doubt.”
When you expect, there is no going back and when you are unable to go back honesty swallows you up and throws you out to float endlessly into an abyss. You may feel stupid and have a whole bunch of “what if’s” but at the end of everyday you come back to just you.
I feel that you must remind yourself that you can’t expect things to happen unless you act out on it for yourself. Its always a nice surprise when you can count on someone in general, but you are your own person. You are a full time job. You love, hate, cry, laugh, and confine in nobody else but you.