They say time heals.

It heals a broken heart. It heals the incision in time that was wasted. It heals every moments, life decisions.

Healing is a process, time is just a reminder of what was once was. We use time as an excuse for what this life throws at us. Good, bad, the regretful. We say time is all we have.

In a way, time keeps us sane and prepares us for our mental deadline, but what happens when time forgot to sound the alarm. What happens if that “right moment” never comes?

As literal as time is the waiting game is never anyone’s favorite past time.

Time doesn’t wait. It doesn’t care where you are in life or who is in your life. Time is a continual path with no pit stop. We have the power to decide where we pause, but that moment just happens. We can try to plan it out, but moments happen regardless if we are ready for it or not.

I say take what comes at you. React to it in the only way you know how. Embrace the afraid, the sadness, the excitement. Life is definitely too short and time isn’t going to wait. So why lag. Time is like an interactive questionnaire, you just fill in the blanks where applied necessary.

At the end of the day we decide our fates, even if it may be predestined.