Having appreciation is a really difficult sentiment. Especially during hard times, its almost irrelevant in either direction you look at it. Learning, accepting and applying it to your reality definitely takes motivation for appreciation to come close in being a revelation, but life is indeed all about the epiphanies.

I find writing about appreciation is a recurring subject/feeling for me. I say hello every time it visits whether its dealing with living through adulthood, to working for the man, or even putting myself first for a significant dependent. Self worth. Admiration. Effort. Love. These all and others touch at the base of appreciation. So having the appreciation to appreciate is a stubborn commitment, but a stepping stone to any investment we put in for life.

Appreciation has many faces, all of which we are more accepting towards, depending when we see it.

It can be as little as appreciating worldly things like technology and a filled tummy.

You appreciate time that is given to you. You appreciate attention that is in your direction. You appreciate your ability to accept the love you think you deserve even if there is no one left to give or receive. You appreciate the come ups and serendipitous way of life.  You appreciate because you can.

Under the influence of lost and confused, appreciation presents itself. Completing mental deadlines and physical work ethic, appreciation is close by. Appreciation appears when affection meets the soul.

I am understanding how to appreciate anything and everything possible. Whether its good or bad or just out of the blue. Appreciation is just as close as loving yourself, which that alone is another lesson we are learning to master and fine tune.

The most difficult time to appreciate, however, is when you have no one but yourself to lean on. How can anyone appreciate being thrown back into the sea of feelings and questions? No one really appreciates heartbreak or the let down. Being alone works for some people, but appreciating the inability to answer to no one but yourself is scary. Plus appreciating death of a loved one or a part of self is far from the many lists of feelings we jump to first.

The thing is, unfortunate happenings are moments in life we should appreciate the most. Being thankful. Embracing the scared. Allowing the hurt to make us decide a clearer focus. Without the the unfortunate we cannot fully appreciate the concept of appreciation. Its not only for good things which is the norm, but its also for when you trip and fall flat on your face. At that moment you appreciate your pride, to pick yourself back up again, and laugh off the embarrassment.

We need the occasional slap of reality to remember we are human. Even if we play the cards right, appreciation should be at least one of the top 10 emotions and reactions to what this lifetime confronts us with.