Hello Reader.

If you happen to be reading this post, you have probably stumbled on my blog by accident, or clicked on one of my cliched tags of love, romance and the constant pursuit of happiness.

That or you do follow my rambles and forgot all about me. Never the less, thank you for stopping by.

I know its been several weeks since I’ve posted anything of relevance on this straight forward online diary, but duties of adulthood have taken full force and as any normal human with goals, priorities come first. I’ve been so consumed with the grind that I don’t even have time for the gym. Which I’m still paying monthly for, but not actually making attendance. (Comment if you are guilty of this).

Aside from working, everything is the general life department is up to par. I’m healthy. I’m active. I’m also very busy. Which is key to keep the mind from wandering.  What more can a girl ask for?

I’ve been learning a lot about myself through other people though. People I’ve known and people I’ve just met. Describing me in words I would have never blurted out to sum me up. I’ve also mastered the art of staying content and keeping the natural depressed self on standby. I show the emotion when I have time for it, but keep on keeping on like the song.

I’m still a complicated mess which shows in past blogs, but that’s what makes me real. I’m just like everyone else that has been through heartbreak, the let down, and the lies. I just so happen to find release in sharing it, like any other blogger whose specialty is their own life.

I’m staying positive and you should too. I just wanted to personally ramble (not that I don’t) about the current. Its always nice to look back at what your mind was thinking.