pity at the seams.

I need you

I feel this familiar darkness taking me where I think is a normal hiding place for little remarks and accusations to deliberate, but through the wandering eye is a half life I’ve been living

now my eyes wont stop drowning in tears

I think it’s a panic attack but I also think I’m going crazy

like bipolar, but more of the sad emotion is on cue

then I stop

I think I go numb at this point

I can feel the sadness in my thoughts but depression is no longer a feeling that is in control

but I’m still numb

maybe the depression is taking a fifteen

it does take strong work ethic to organize such a continuous work week in this redundant schedule

feeling this way becomes second nature

I still need you

there’s not enough tissues in a box to clean up the mess I made

I’m ugly when I cry

you can’t fix ugly nor can I fix all this