side effects.

You sit there, waiting. Feeling the excitement of the embrace that never comes.

You never were and never will be mine.

You know the basics of love. Most just recognize the feeling. We all can relate to that. Then there’s the few that muster the lust and dependency of it. At a young time, we are suffocated with the feeling of belonging and constant affirmation, then time grows up. We see how far caring can get us, as we build and breakdown barriers simultaneously.

Unfamiliarity is what kills curiosity. Where as curiosity was ignited by a tiny flame, I call will.

Will is something that we never actually admit to. Its an understated action, yet packs so much emotion. If one is willing to deal with the jaded torment then one is willing to ball up their fist and block the hostility.

It sounds like cause and effect really.