for me.

If we never cross paths again, I don’t know whether to jump for joy or write the obituary of my unregainable half. Thoughts of no contact and starting anew where no one or any thing reminds me of you, is as if I traded my soul to a deity. I don’t want to love someone else, yet your season is over and I must let nature take its course.

Those thoughts of forever has gone with that coin I wished on and tossed into that fountain way back when. Whether I do meet you again, I know that it will be as strangers. I will disregard the familiarity. Even though every part of this little world I created around me, seem to always leads you in my thoughts. Thats how you know, it was love.

However I replay this in my head, I decided this. For a moment, I believed that one day you would change your mind about me. Although, waiting on that day would be the death of me. I fed my aching soul an empty dream. I denied the signs of reality, thinking free will would cause a ripple. I put everything out there and got nothing.

Too much of a good thing usually does come to an end. And this is yours.