So many people come in and out of your life it’s almost near impossible to recollect from day one the first being you’ve encountered. What sets one apart from the sea of individuals is the one that connected with you physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Of course there is more reasons for connections, but hitting those first points make a step more of a difference. Sometimes those individuals are friends, and most times simply acquaintances. This also includes relatives of all categories.

For one to have the choice to dub someone a friend, shows that with so much around them and so much action of combating different personalities on a daily basis, that person chose you as a friend. Someone who you give a bit more to. More story, more detail, more critical thinking, and most importantly more time.

Friends nowadays is thrown around quite loosely. Not saying that if you consider someone a friend doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same, but what about those times you say, “we used to be friends?” Making that statement is not necessarily negative, but when read the first emotion is dismal. Its a realization that once upon a long time ago, you and that person were bonded and it may or may not have been a merely few significant chapters of your life. This also applies to relationships of course, but I’m more so pointing out the companionship of it all.

I am so grateful for the people that have stuck around my little lifetime, whether there was a no speaking point or just merely the distraction of distance. These individuals, and you know who you are, I am proud and very boastful to call you my friend. We are all different, but we complement eachother and that a super power all in its own.