comes and goes

The exchange of life lessons to one another is a unacknowledged bonding moment that it happens often then one would realize. That exchange is  meant to help shed light or enrich key points what were over looked or over exaggerated. Asked for or not, being both the listener and the positive input is the most practical form of help. I mean that’s all I really ask for, things take time to move its course, but with support and knowing you have someone there if needed reminds you that you can do this and it does get better.

Its like when people say sorry. That person  may or may not mean it intentionally half the time. Which is sad, but true. So when advice is thrown around, it’s of course given within the best interests, but the not so useful fillers only distract you from feeling broken for a little while. There is never going to be that one thing that you need to help you get over “it.” We are all different when it comes to dealing with emotions or the how-to context. So because it worked for so and so doesn’t mean it would work for you and that’s okay.

Break up advice comes by the dozen. Its the most repetitive exchange of words in sentences known. So many different scenarios with different people, yet the same kind of advice is given to help free yourself from that emotional grip. The thing with advice, particularly in break ups, is that it doesn’t work for everyone.

I’m not going to lie to you. The general population usually goes the, “you’re better off” way, which a lot of the time is true, but maybe in reality it’s just timing that has you all fucked up. I am a true believer of the people that you meet who stay or go is meant to happen that way. You choose to go the next level of interest and emotional attachment. I’m aware not all of us are blessed with emotional barriers and superhuman strength to defeat the bullshit. However, I’m not saying be depressed forever either. That’s just silly.

Life has way more lessons for you to learn, but right now is simply the lesson of dealing with the cracks in your heart.