excuses are an art.

One of many human superpowers we possess, is the execution of excuse making. Excuses come by the dozen, and for free I might add. Almost like diarrhea, since it could go good and bad at the same damn time. Then again diarrhea is terrible, so sorry for the bad example, but you get me. Anyways, back to excuses. They’re an interesting way to add to any conversation. In my opinion, they’re not necessarily lies, but it does stem from the same root most instances so depending on its use you may beg to differ.

The thing is, you may not realize how often you hear or even use excuses.

Our mental excuses we give ourselves makes and breaks the best of the best of common senses. When you hear,”You are your own worst critic,” makes me cringe on how accurately true that applies and how I’m going to relate this to the current subject matter.

So think about this, you create bricks that represent conditions, morals, and goals. Eventually those bricks get so high that you’ve created your wall. In turn, this wall of yours, gets so high up, that the moment(s) when a condition isn’t met or a set back arises, you (by default) begin exercising your own reasoning to muster up the why.

With all the best excuses and reasoning we may hear or even justify using the common sense you’ve grown up with, the moment you are resorting to “bringing up old shit,” just know you are going no where fast. So fast that, you may tell yourself so many excuses to reason this and to reason that, that you my dear friend, is only hurting yourself.

Excuses can be beneficial though. All bad to be honest, but they do help. All you need to start off with is some type of “because.” When you have that because (hopefully one that best suffices whatever you are trying to justify) your excuse in turn doesn’t seem so bad right? Again I’m referring to the times where your best solution to avoid backlash is starting or beginning such verbal or mental logic with the contents of any of the following words or phrases :

  • well
  • um, you see
  • what had happened
  • actually
  • honestly
  • however
  • its cause
  • yes, but
  • anything that sounds like backpedaling really 

With the assistance of reassurance and occasional guest appearance of hope, the simple fact because you said so is a good enough excuse.

Half truths are unfortunately the sprout of the best excuses. These are the excuses where you try to explain the actuality. This may or may not lead to some sort of apology driven explanation, but that instance you say you won’t, but you do, is where this type of excuse (also known as lies) blossoms into a beautiful disaster.

Now the use of justification is like the bark of the ever growing tree of excuses. There are so many layers like rationalizing, proving, verifying, and explaining. I can really just keep going, but you get where I’m going with this.  I feel like to justify comes from the pride within ourselves and most of the time clarification is prides way of masking its defensiveness. As a result, creating excuses only hides what is really meant. As basic human nature we say what we need in order to make ourselves or others feel better.

This may sometimes result in the over watering of yourself. You’ll drown in unreliable and insufficient cause, which leads to your because. Does weeding out the pros and cons really helps your garden of good intentions to thrive? Yes, but maybe your thoughts are influenced by things or irrelevance. The point is you’ve just created an excuse generated by doubt. Already a bad start and leading yourself back into a viscous cycle of receiving and giving excuses.

I do appreciate excuses for what they’re worth. They suck most of the time, since I’m no stranger to the let down, but the awareness that they’re the best form of adjective highly used in conversation, reminds me that the art of excuses are so extensive. I’m vaguely skimming the first few pages of this continuous series.