game changer.

I still have a hard time believing this was all real, but it really did happen didn’t it? Those months that have passed makes me realize that very little time was needed to get sucked into your world. Knowing you were no good, didn’t mean that putting time into this imaginary relationship wasn’t worth it. It was very educational really. I’ve never met a make such as yourself and I’m really grateful that I have.

Being handsome only gets you so far, but seeing you use it in action makes me envious of your gender at times. You also make yourself so approachable and inviting its very understandable why having a complacent reaction to attention is your norm.

You are indeed something else. Something else only a lucky few are able to know and something else so few have yet to know. I’ll call you the game charger, since you are capable of changing any situation due to your predictable yet informal nature. Its good and bad of course, but its good to know of a person like you.

The change you have presented to me was and is both bad and good. Bad because it wasn’t suppose to be like this, but good because I finally have taken my day to day a little more lightly.