I write about the luxuaries of thoughts and opinions I want to ramble on and on about. Hope, the let down, and the constant need for appreication is a few subjects and blurbs that clutter most of my posts. You may be lucky to see a few visuals of moments I want to compile together and of course qoutes and sayings I personally want to remind and remember for however long forever is.

I do have aspirations and randomness which may reflect on a few pieces of writings I’ve done. I feel like I’m more of an memory column. More for myself to refer back to whenever I may be feeling like I did when I wrote the blog in the first place. It indeed is a diary, however I also want to share to my readers (or I like to call them “stumblers”) another point of view that maybe wasn’t their orinigal direction. I like to keep it simple, but never far from plain.

The following content may be vague, but who knows maybe I’ll be caught slipping. I ultimately write for a release and in turn it becomes a tangent of self diagnosing and understanding why myself is of the human design. So weak, yet so opinionated. Truthful and sometimes frivolous at the same time.

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