Having appreciation is a really difficult sentiment. Especially during hard times, its almost irrelevant in either direction you look at it. Learning, accepting and applying it to your reality definitely takes motivation for… Continue reading

birthday, cakes, welcome 2014


They say time heals. It heals a broken heart. It heals the incision in time that was wasted. It heals every moments, life decisions. Healing is a process, time is just a reminder… Continue reading


Depression is the inability to construct a future. – Dr. Jonathan Banks played by Jude Law in Side Effects


Admitting to ones self is one thing, but owning it and still having that hope where the odds are nowhere in favor, is a completely different pain to put yourself though. Continuing to… Continue reading


There are things I miss that I shouldn’t and things I don’t that I should. Sometimes we want what we couldn’t sometimes we love who we could. – Lang Leav, Acceptance

expectations gone wild.

Expectation is wonderful since it creates value and standards. Then again its such a downer only because once you expect and the outcome isn’t favorable, the let down is greater than the value… Continue reading

Run on

What is this? I’m still trying to figure that out. Is there even a right word for it. Maybe I’m just over analyzing everything. Maybe I’m wrong and I didn’t pay attention to… Continue reading


I think its some fucked up shit how you may think your finally on the path of recovery when out of the blue the situation the caused straight dementia comes creeping back in… Continue reading

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